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Well, today's Doctor was Turn Left.

*The planet they started on was pretty, with the flags and everything
*The fortune teller was extremely pushy... but was she because she knew what Donna was or just wanted someone... anyone?
*The alternate universe was extremely depressing. Everyone died. First the Doctor, then Martha, Sarah-Jane and Luke (and Astrid on the Titanic) and lastly Torchwood (although Jack's taken by the Sontarans... why?). Depressing! And then the labour camps. Why?
*Wasn't the Titanic's explosion meant to do a shitload more damage? Wasn't it meant to render the whole planet uninhabitable not just the south of England? That's a pretty big gap
*The only good thing about it was there being way more Adipose. A load of Americans turning into em.
*Least we pretty much know Donna's dad's dead. That's sad.
*Her mum looked so depressed, I kept thinking she'd shot herself.
*Rose is weird, very weird. Why do UNIT obey her without her even saying her name? Why does she refuse to say it?
*The stars are going out... and the bees. I guess that means the daleks.
*So the something on Donna's back has been explained now and also her 'death' has. So maybe that means she doesn't die after all.
*The Doctor's right about that coincidence thing
*Evil Trickster brigade bug
*Bad wolf again

Next week. Oh dear gods next week. Torchwood, Sarah-Jane, Luke, Martha, (what looks like) Harriet Jones, Judoon and Daleks! I demand next week happens now. How the crap are they fitting everyone in? Surely it must be longer.

In short I want next week!
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Doctor Who ramblings again:
*Midnight's very pretty, but also very mysterious (not showing the outside)
*Didn't the Doctor realise he jinxed it by saying 'what could go wrong?'
*It's like a plane or bus the transport (only the toilet isn't pointed out but I assume there is one). Overstimulation with the entertainment much?
*Oh Jethro's so pretty (and the Doctor so did him in the toilet's before everything went bad [which I'm totally doing once I've a cap of him]). I hope he comes back.
*Sky the lesbian!
*The creature's never actually seen on the outside
*The creature's never explained.
*The repeating is weird and scary
*The Doctor shouldn't keep saying he's clever. It didn't work for him this time at all.
*Evil people trying to kill him... though it 's mostly panic and paranoia
*In the end, the hostess saved everyone (ironic since the Hosts on the Titanic tried to kill everyone). Well, the Doctor anyway (there's no proof that the creature was actually going to hurt anyone)
*The Medusa Cascade again... and a dissappeared moon and Rose... briefly. And the Doctor missing her
*Donna wasn't in it much, but I knew that anyway.

I'm totally watching all the repeats. I thought it was pretty brilliant (one of the best of this series definately, after Partners In Crime and Voyage Of The Damned of course)

Next week has Rose back properly. And the stars disappearing. And something on Donna's back. And apparently a dead Doctor. Though it's reportedly in Rose's universe so dead Doctor could mean any number of bad things.

But I now have the sweet taste of Pepsi again, so all is right in the world!

And Claire's awesome, thankie!
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Time for Doctor Who musings again:
*I wish the word spoilers wasn't yelled out every few minutes
*The Vashta Nerada infestation was explained (as was the title), but... they seemed to just go towards the end
*How many books mention the Doctor? Must be an awful lot to scare them that much
*Finally CAL's explained
*The kid watching everying was a little annoying though
*It's ironic Evangelista's so smart when she's saved, instead of being an idiot she's clever
*Yay, everyone was right about the saved thing. We're smart and the Doctor's slow.
*It's Jack's squareness gun!
*If they kill off Donna I won't be happy
*Trap door! hehe
*I'm not sure if River's good or not yet... though she does knock him out and cuff him. A lot like Jack. It'd have been better if it was Jack
*It's sad Donna misses the real version of her (not very attractive but perfect for her) guy
*and Doctor... tongue again! Honestly he's fixated
*Why does River know the Doctor's name? No one knows his name. And why's it so important as to why he'd said it? The Master mentioned that he used his name to seal the Medusa Cascade... does he have to do it again? Something similar... and how can you seal something with a name? Or... perhaps it's like a paradox, he tells her his name, knowing she needs to know it to prove she's trustworthy.

Next weeks looks interesting, cause I know nothing about it. Cept he will be alone, with no Donna.
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Mikey's gone. I feel eh as usual. Me and mum have been to the cemetary and bonding sorta (we both agree on Mikey's mum though). MSN still refuses to let me on, even though I wanted to be. Bastard.

Got Rock Sound today. The main reason I got it was for the Ian poster, which is pretty hot. Also it said there's Fightstar, which turned out to be Charlie and his brothers (which is scary cause I asked Mikey if he knew what Edd looked like). I say threesome, though Charlie's the hottest of the three. Will's pretty hot and Edd... well, he's kinda cute.

My archive's being odd, so I have to split it and do two new archive posts tonight.

Slightly late Doctor Who ramblings )
Fic ramblings )
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Yay for Doctor Who trailer. Why does Rose have to come back an bring the bloody Daleks with her? I wonder if Donna'll realise that Rose is the same person she saw in Partners In Crime.

Wonder if the Doctor will complain about Rose having a great big gun.

Looks like Dalek Caan isn't the last one anymore.

The stars are going out, related to the planets disappearing much? Or maybe large ships blocking them out. And what about the bees?

And there's always something about the darkness. It's been bought up more then once. In Torchwood too. It's all about the darkness and running from it (or something in it).

I want it to be next week damnit.
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Doctor Who ramble ahoy. I liked it.

*Professor Peach with a lead pipe *sniggers*
*Gayness, yay! It's so sad he dies though and the other can't mourn. Bah
*The flashbacks amused me greatly
*Ah a giant, odd wasp.
*When was the doctor hunting alone?
*The murder mystery thing amused me (but then I aways did like them as a kid)
*Donna's brilliant again (and amusing)
*And letting stuff slip from the future, same with the Doctor
*Kissing the Doctor was certainly enough of a shock
*The box on the TARDIS amused me. The Carrionite orb shown up again

I'm sure I had more to say but I'm not sure.

Next next week's looks strange. But wasn't there meant to be a longer trailer causa the gap week?
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Not too much has been happening really so...

I've tried to write (the Matthew/Ian one) though I dunno if I'll keep doing it for long. It just seems a bit... off. Even though I'm not even done with a paragraph yet. I did wanna do a Bob/Bert one but... I got nothing. Well I got something, but it felt like it'd been done before.


I hate that there's no info on the GIAN signing tent yet. Bah. And the tube's down or something.

We saw a fox up close last night. Twas so cool and close and awww.

I watched the Berth live thing this morning. Well, half-watched cause I wasn't fully awake. Bert's awesome.

Naked is good

Next, onto Doctor rambling.

*I adore the Hath, there's something so... cute about them
*Ah, the joy of having cloning machines.
*Donna once again proves how awesome she is, noticing the numbers and working it out.
*Jenny... well, I didn't go much on her at first but she's alright I guess. I see her coming back at some point. At least he's not alone now (even though he still thinks he is)
*I was sadder that the Hath with Martha died then Jenny
*If the war was 7 days, how come the General looks so old? I bet he did know what was happening and just lied to get his way.
*Next week's is the bee ep. Yay! Well, I guess yay.

1. Have MCR affected your views on the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual community?
They haven't, though that's cause I was bi before they came along. If they've changed other people's views I think that's a very good thing though.

2. What is your opinion of Mindless Self Indulgence's sudden popularity after the marriage of Gerard and Lyn-Z?
I hate it. I swear the only reason she married him is for publicity. Before I'd never even seen an ad about them. Now? They're everywhere and I've seen ads mention MCR before now. It makes me hate her and them more.

3. What is your favorite piece of MCR merchandise?
Mmm I'm not sure. Maybe my tee's? Oh! My bag! It's awesome. I remember when I got it in Camden. Awesome.

4. What do you think of Gerard Way's showmanship and stage antics?
Ah the gayness. I love the gay whoreness

5. MCR have finally stopped touring and are finally taking a break, expecting to come back with a new album. Do you have any feelings about the end of the Black Parade era and do you have any expectations for the new album?
Finally! I thought they'd never stop. I'm not sure. I'm curious about it. Very curious.
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Ahh the past two days have been most productive.

First, yesterday.

We made it here alright. On the way we saw ducklings, which are oh so cute. I'd left the cam behind, so I had to run back for it, literally. So I was out of breath for the journey. Mum was a bitch though.

Birmingham was fun, though I spent way too much. I got Doctor Who cards, Torchwood cards, Doctor Who figures (Faceless Grandma and The Wire, Hoix and the Utopia set), Sarah Jane Adventures figures (Kudlak and Sarah Jane), a Utapau Shadow Trooper and a pack of Star Wars minis.

The coach station stupidly moved. Bah.

I like it here, it's nice. We had a nice night, though we were tired. I got loadsa free dvds cause Claire wants rid of them. YAY! There's Doctor Who 2, Frasier boxsets and others.

Doctor Who ramblings (though we'll probably watch it Friday too):
*No! Ross died!
*No! Rattigan died!
*'Are you my mummy?'
*Wah, Rose!
*Yay! Valiant and it's superlaser
*I knew the Doctor knew Martha was a clone
*Donna's awesome again, so's her grandad
*What the hell's up with the TARDIS going crazy? Again.
*Crazy Doctor's daughter

Today was good, but not as productive as hoped. We didn't get to met John, but we all met Spike and shaked his hand. He said he'd love to be in Torchwood again. I got Rhys autograph on my boxset. It's smudged a little though. I got the Voyage Of The Damned set! HUZZAH! Yay Hosts and Astrid. I also got the Reaper, some more cards and a Covert Ops clone. There were Daleks running around too. So cool.

Food's here, so that's good. I'm gonna go eat.
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Yay! Doctor Who (more rambling's about it ahead).

*Rattigan's hot. It's weird hearing him do an American accent though. Him and Doctor had sex
*Sat nav's are evil
*He's letting Donna drive? He hardly ever let's anyone do that
*Yay Martha! I knew she married that doctor. It's a bit scary how militant she's become but she is doing the right thing
*Donna's smart, that's why I love her. And she's funny too 'give him a hug and you get a papercut'
*Donna wanting a salute amused me.
*The Sontaran's are so tiny... yet so powerful. (Isn't it dishonerable to fight against an enemy that has no chance?) I have a feeling they have a reason to take over Earth, yet we'll find out next week I guess
*Ha! Overdramatic Doctor.
*Ross is brilliant (it was Ross right, the soldier with the Doc?)
*Yay for young pretty genius'
*So the Sontaran's know about the Time War. And they're pissed about not being involved.
*Martha clone! That explains why she was wet and pissed in the earlier series trailer
*She always gets tied down right? She did in Torchwood (yay Torchwood in the Confidential)
*Yay for Donna's grandad. I like him, I hope he doesn't die. (Her mum on the other hand...)
*Yay for one of Donna's ex's turning gay
*Whenever there's a two-parter, they always have to make she it ends on a 'I want next week now!' and this one was no different.
*It's clear those ATMOS things are changing the atmosphere for some reason, but why?
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Doctor Who ramblings:
*Donna's brilliant, going back in for an eskimo coat. She's really prepared for anything huh?
*Although why's she think that rocket is better then the pretty Adipose one?
*The Ood are back and kinda cute. Poor them for being enslaved and lobotomised. Poor them
*They're always hiding something somewhere aren't they? A level, a floor a werehouse... always hiding something
*Psycho black guy is scarier then the Ood
*Again, another Star Wars person gets killed. It seems a regular thing now. Then again, she did deserve it I guess
*I had a feeling he'd turn into one. Not at first but about halfway through.
*The end was nice, the Ood were so sweet (though his song will end? What's that mean?)
*No mention of the Shadow Proclamation or lost worlds... but the bees going misisng is bought up again. Significant?
*Ironic how she doesn't want to go home but obviously is going back for next week (well if not home, then to 21st Century Earth in general).
*Martha's back next week, with an army. Seems like she goes in all guns blazing

It was a good episode and the first ep to be on an alien world since Malcassairo (it's still strange how they're only been to four total in all the series now).
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Before I ramble about Doctor Who, mum's disappeared. She's not in the house, hasn't left a note and the only place she'd go she can't (cause her friend's on holiday). So where is she? And why didn't she wanna be here for the sole mum/son time we hae?

Anyway, onto rambling:
*The Doctor has bad luck going to old places huh? Instead of Rome, Pompeii. Just like he went to Cardiff instead of... somewhere else in The Unquiet Dead.
*I like Donna. I'm glad that she's still got the 'you can't let everyone die' attitude
*It's scary how right the soothesayers were.
*'Just us girls' < 3
*There's the Shadow Proclamation again (it was in the last ep and way back in Rose so I reckon it's the code phrase like Bad Wolf, Torchwood and Saxon before it). For him to use it now means that whoever they are, they were around a long time ago and well respected. Perhaps they were a form of Galactic Government or code of laws.
*The son was cute
*The aliens planet lost? Perhaps due to the Time War (like the Nestene Consciousness' was)
*Water pistol!
*I'm glad they saved someone
*The end was good (I had a terrible feeling Rose or someone would've shown up again)
*Donna amuses me. I liekd her outfit and when she eventually realised the Doctor was right (and pushed the lever with him)
*For some reason my eyes watered. I dunno why.
*The Ood next week!

Now, what I think is the main puzzle or this episode is the escape pod they use. Right, it can just about fit the Doctor and Donna and it was supposedly the aliens ship. Not a single of those aliens could have even fit through the door. So, the question is, who put it there? Why? Obviously it's an escape pod... but who was it intended for? Doesn't the Doctor think that (since the aliens admitted their spaceship turned to dust) that it couldn't be theirs?

Hmmmm. Perhaps I think too much.


Apr. 5th, 2008 07:12 pm
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Eeee! Doctor Who is back! Yay!

The Adipose are the absolutely cutest things ever! They're so cute, waving and winking and jumping and being all adorable. And sliding! I want one! or ten.

Donna and the Doctor kept missing each other, it amused me.

Then finally meeting was even more amusing.

He shoulda kept the sonic pen though.

Donna amused me not believing the Titanic was real. She's amusing. And, weird things in Cardiff? Which ones?

And isn't the space ship so pretty?

What the hell is Rose doing there? I'm confused. Wah! Why is she back so early? Why wasn't she all there? Why isn't she stuck in the parallel Earth? Whyyyyyy?


The pills do wonders for my head. Although last night I had a terrible headache and couldn't sleep, at 7 I finally rememeberd I had the pills and took one. I was able to sleep at last. Huzzah. It still sometimes returns as painful though.

And the first [ profile] mcr_fridayfive... done by me.

1: Who do you think is the most underrated member of the band?
Bob, he needs more love. Lots more

2: For about awhile now Gerard has promised the boys would go on a break, as yet it hasn't be forthcoming. Do you think they'll have one soon and if so, how long should it be?
I hope they do have one, for a few months. They need the rest.

3: If another single is released off The Black Parade what would you want it to be?
The Sharpest Lives or Mama probably.

4: Are you excited about The Black Parade Is Dead? What do you hope is included on it?
Yes I am. I hope the new videos are on it, that and the gigs of course. And toplessness backstage.

5: What do you think of Bob's hillbilly look?
I thing it's so so hot. Is that wrong?

Edit: And a random thing. Americans have no right to bitch about British words being used. There's a reason the language is called English.

Edit 2: There's already a petition for Adipose yay!

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